About Us

The Life Café is a lovely place where international students are welcome. Here, you can have a nice and relaxed sunday night.
We chat, play or just enjoy having fellowship together ;). Each evening we have also a short time where we share something about things that we find interesting or that are important to us, e.g. Christian faith.

In the last semesters, we had students from all over the world, as far as China to Dubai, Moldova to Brazil and Iran to Singapur. It would be nice if we could list your country too!
However, if you like to practice your German or learn more about the German culture you’ve found the right place ;). We also organize once in a while a short trip or the like to places around Heidelberg and you’re warmly invited to join!

The café is run by young people, who see Jesus as an important part in their lives. We love other people and cultures which means You ;). Many of us have been to foreign countries for a longer period. Because of this we know that it can be difficult to make friends in a foreign environment.

The Life Café is a place where you can meet Germans and other international students, you can chat and make new friends here. One thing left to say: Welcome!